PHOTO: LACI. JFAK. Detail of image by Benny Chan

The AIA|LA Advocacy Reports serve as an idea-exchange and clearinghouse to empower the architecture profession.

On an as-needed and frequent basis, we will issue Call-to-Actions to leverage the expertise and leadership of Architects and Designers. We will also post editorials, testimonials and additional deep-intelligence on the ever-shifting landscape of policies, regulations and cultural trends that are impacting the built and natural environment of the Los Angeles.

Discover news about the Expo Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan, data tools from the LA Chief's Data Officer to support sustainability, new resolutions recommit that recommit AIA to equity and diversity and more. >
Learn more about changes to the City of LA's ADU Ordinance, AB 565 (Bloom) and building standards for live/ work units and AIA National's Innovation Awards. >

PHOTO: Banner: La Kretz Innovation Campus. JFAK. Detail of image by Benny Chan Photography