PHOTO: Y Chalet. PARALX. Detail of photo by Bahaa Ghoussainy

The AIA|LA Speakers Bureau: 
A Call For Interested Experts

Are you interested in: supporting the profession, increasing your profile, and educating others on architecture. If so consider joining the AIA|LA Speakers Bureau?

As outlined in our strategic plan, AIA Los Angeles is building a database of architectural experts and appointing a bureau of speakers on specific topics.  The AIA|LA Speakers Bureau will comprise of 40 to 50 architects and designers (each an expert in 22 specific topic areas), exemplifying the diversity of the architecture profession.

Members of the speakers bureau will be recommended to speak at third-party: conferences; policy hearings, roundtables, and meetings; community engagement forums; area schools and educational institutions; or directly to the press. Based on their expertise speakers may also provide talking points on relevant issues and that will serve as the basis for editorials and op-eds, or pen opinion pieces in their entirety.

If you’re interested in serving, please indicate which topic area and complete the brief questionnaire below.

As a member of the AIA|LA Speakers Bureau, we’re asking you:

1.     To commit to serving on the Speakers Bureau for at least 24 months

2.  To be willing to speak at conferences, roundtables and workshops pertinent to your subject-matter expertise on as-needed basis.

3.  To be willing to represent the profession at career-fairs, neighborhood council meetings and other community engagement forums.

4.     To commit to sharing at least 1 or 2 editorials and op-eds per year for the AIA|LA to publish, share, disseminate, etc.

5.     To actively monitor the market and regulatory environment on matters that impact your specific topic-area and to issue red-alerts, policy recommendations and/or advocacy platforms that will empower AIA|LA’s ability to take a leadership role on such matters.

The AIA|LA Speakers Bureau is an evergreen initiative that will be updated & maintained on an ongoing basis.


1.  Architecture for Healthcare Facilities
2.  Architecture for Justice Facilities
3.  Building Performance
4.  Architecture for Education Facilities
5.  Design Excellence
6.  Sustainability & Resilience
7.  Construction Contract Administration
8.  Facility Management
9.  Custom Residential
10.  Design for Aging
11.  Historic Resources

12.  Housing and Community Development
13.  Interfaith Design
14.  Interior Architecture
15.  Practice Management
16.  Project Delivery
17.  Public Facilities
18.  Urban Design
19.  Retail and Entertainment
20.  Small Project Practitioners
21.  Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
22.  Technology in Architectural Practice
23. Accessibility

PHOTO: Y Chalet. PARALX. Detail of Photo by Bahaa Ghoussainy