PHOTO: Detail First & Broadway Civic Center Park. EOM

The AIA|LA organizes interactive forums that serve as opportunities for AIA members and civic leaders to take deep-dive discussions into policies and initiatives that capture the passion and leadership of the architecture profession.  These roundtable programs are organized on an as-needed basis.


Roundtables, Workshops & Forums
Adaptive Reuse 2.0
In collaboration with Los Angeles City Planning’s Urban Design Studio, we are organizing an Adaptive Reuse 2.0 roundtable to rethink specific zoning code and building code requirements in an effort to promote recovery, health and wellness, and resilience.
The Housing Element Update: The Foundation for a Sustainable, Equitable, and Just Future
As cities across California begin the update process for the 2021-2029 housing element (the 6th cycle!), join us for an event that will discuss in more detail what the housing element is and what it does.

Wellness Design
The goal of this follow-up session is to identify and/or develop shareable, adoptable guidelines to promote intentional implementation of trauma-informed design practices in the design industry.
Addification – Adding Homes Without Displacing People
Given our current housing and homelessness crisis, it has triggered furious efforts to create housing from urban infill to ADU’s to homeless shelters. However, from an urban standpoint, we must work in concert with other developments to fortify the neighborhood and increase its resources.
AIA CA Advocacy
During this forum, you will have the chance to learn the importance of Advocacy; learn about issues important to the profession, and California, under consideration in Sacramento; learn how to influence advocacy at AIA CA, nationally, and locally, and; learn how to advocate on behalf of the architectural profession.

PHOTO: Banner: Detail of First and Broadway Civic Center Park. Eric Owen Moss Architects