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It’s our privilege to take the time and space to reflect upon the state of women in architecture. Our collective self-reflection is invaluable, empowering, and inspiring as we progress in our professional journeys. Along the way, we are lucky to find our go-to people: the like-minded individuals who become our greatest supporters, our kindred spirits, our allies.

With this year’s events and discussions, Women in Architecture (WiA) is giving special attention to commonplace allyship. We want to celebrate the everyday allies who speak up and confront daily injustices, who humbly encourage others, who intentionally do the work for effective change without hesitation or expectations of recognition, one day at a time, one interaction at a time.

Positive and substantive change against social injustices is neither quick nor easy. It requires persistent, sustained and deliberate actions. While some mechanisms attempt to address inequality more forcefully, thoughtful allyship should not be overlooked in its power to effect change. Our events seek to explore the various expressions of allyship by championing women architects, aligning with our sister professional organizations, supporting social justice groups, and learning how to become your own best ally. Through our shared examinations, we hope all are inspired by the power of everyday allyship so that the simple actions of many can help transform ourselves and our profession.

AIA|LA Women in Architecture Committee’s mission is to promote Gender Equity in the profession.  Founded in 2016, WiA Committee developed from a strong desire to empower and promote positive change for women in the field of architecture, heavily fueled by the influential POWERFUL: Women Leading Design conference series.

The committee meets monthly for a series of lectures, networking opportunities, and workshops.  WiA leads the organization of the annual POWERFUL conference.

WiA will maintain a focus of embracing diversity through inclusion, encouraging professional growth through networking and interactions, promoting leadership and offering career guidance, endorsing community outreach, and providing support to women in their career development in architecture.

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Kristen Fraumeni, AIA
Monica Rodriguez, AIA
Yu-Ming Wei, AIA
Kristin Akin-Zimmerman, AIA
Cyrice Griffith