PHOTO: Maria Kuzminskaya

The Building Performance and Regulations Committee (BP&R) reviews issues affecting building performance and current building codes.

The committee is most concerned with regulations and ordinances that affect architectural practice and is the primary venue for evaluating pending or newly enacted revisions to the building code.

The committee’s aim is to provide the most up to date analysis of issues that effect building performance and will continue to evaluate and discuss all new building code regulations and revisions.

May 16 2024
How to Succeed With Mass Timber
Recent evolutions in products, technology, and building codes have established Mass Timber as one of our most promising avenues for achieving meaningful embodied carbon reduction. Wood’s intrinsic beauty has a natural appeal and healing quality, but code and industry unfamiliarity present designers with novel challenges to solve along with new opportunities.
April 25 2024
Perform Or Prescribe: The Great Debate In Building Exterior Design
The second session of a year long conversation on new energy codes and their effect on building systems and envelope design. This session focussed on understanding the difference between prescriptive and performance design approaches in the context of meeting code and increasing building sustainability.

Mark Oberholzer, AIA
Lisa Canoy, AIA, NCARB
Vice Chair
Morgan Wiener, AIA
Committee Liaison
Will Wright, Hon. AIALA