PHOTO: Ruslan Burlaka (Canva)

During this period of uncertainty for architecture, engineering and construction firms, one primary concern is to keep as many people employed as possible.

One promising idea is for firms that are experiencing a downturn in work to share access to their employees with firms that need extra help. The goal is to avoid layoffs and cutbacks, and to keep employees onboard for health insurance and benefits.

AIA Los Angeles is building a database of firms who have the ability to “share” their staff, and firms that would benefit from additional staff help.

This list will not be published publicly.  It will be provided to firms that seek to share staff and firms that need staff.

AIA|LA will maintain the database and will periodically send updates to participating firms. Firms that have staff to share will receive contacts for firms in need of additional help, and vice versa.

We are happy to be able to make these introductions, and hope that it will be a beneficial resource. Please be sure that both companies discuss the details and put a legal agreement in place before entering into this type of arrangement.

DISCLAIMER: The use of the Talent Loan/Staff Sharing platform does not create an agreement between the AIA Los Angeles and any other party, or between third parties who use the platform. Firms should seek the advice of a relevant legal professional for related federal and state employment laws, internal human resources policies, and any tax and professional liability insurance implications of using this staff sharing platform. The AIA Los Angeles reserves the right to modify its policies related to the staff sharing platform at any time.