Black Stories in Design: Share Yours

Black Stories in Design

Storytelling is an age-old, universal medium that has the power to make one see, dream, or move. As we enter a celebration of Black History Month, the AIA Los Angeles J.E.D.I. committee would like to invite our Black members to share a piece of their journey, whether professional or personal.

It has been said that a story can change a heart. Imagine what impact several could have. The mission of the JEDI Committee is to advance issues of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the architecture industry, and these anecdotes are foundational as we weave the fibers of all of our stories to build the fabric of our field.

Here’s how to participate in Black Stories In Design:

1. Make a quick video clip (from thirty seconds to two minutes thirty seconds long, horizontal in orientation) sharing a piece of your personal or professional journey.
2. Name the video file as your first name and your last name.
3. Use this link to upload your video. Or cut and paste this url into your browser:
4. Take two minutes to answer a couple of very brief questions below so that you will be credited correctly.

Thank you!