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The AIA|LA Advocacy Reports serve as an idea-exchange and clearinghouse to empower the architecture profession.

On an as-needed and frequent basis, we will issue Call-to-Actions to leverage the expertise and leadership of Architects and Designers. We will also post editorials, testimonials and additional deep-intelligence on the ever-shifting landscape of policies, regulations and cultural trends that are impacting the built and natural environment of the Los Angeles.

Latest Updates
Newest updates on our seven pro-housing recommendations, ongoing meetings with LACP and Council Offices to discuss permit streamlining and the new zoning code, and the latest status update on items of legislation in Sacramento
LADBS Announces the launch of the Fast-Track Program for Office Tenant Improvements
Discover how this program supports architects, firms, and clients.
AIALA Opposes UCSB's Munger Hall as Currently Proposed
"Munger Hall, as proposed, will create harmful and unhealthy living conditions for its residents. It contradicts scholarship emanating from some of the most respected institutions in the land. At UCSB, it will set a negative precedent, literally and symbolically, for generations to come. This contrasts with existing UCSB dorms and structures which are emblematic of the University of California’s
position as a global thought leader..."

AUGUST 6, 2021
Advancing AIALA's Call To Action To House All Angelenos, RSVP Links for LACP Meetings
Design for Dignity Wrap-Up
Amidst an escalating homelessness crisis, the solutions to ameliorate the crisis that were presented at Design for Dignity are more important than ever. Stay informed: read the wrap-up of the event which contains a summary of what was presented.
APRIL 30, 2021
LA Building & Safety, Housing Element Update, LA River Master Plan, Multi-Family Housing + More

Past Reports
APRIL 9, 2021
Fire District 1 Expansion, Support Nation's Infrastructure, AIA CA Board to Consider Legislation Positions
MARCH 19, 2021
Housing and Energy Policy
MARCH 5, 2021
Housing, ICC to Abandon the Governmental Consensus Process, AIA CA Sponsored Bill Introduced, Building Electrification

FEBRUARY 17, 2021
Design Review Sessions, Housing Survey, 2022 CA Zero Code, Ensuring a Just Transition
JANUARY 26, 2021
The 21st Annual Legislative Day at City Hall