2020 AIALA Merry Norris Design Advocate, Builder
The Builder Who Knows His City--Marc Kersey Answers the Honoree Q&A
PHOTO: LA Live designed by CallisonRTKL, courtesy Clark Construction

This year, the AIALA Design Awards Ceremony + Party will include pre-event chat rooms that revolve around trivia game themes. If there’s one on movie trivia, we have a winner already.

Asked a question about Los Angeles architecture featured in film, Marc Kersey, Clark Construction’s Senior Vice President, Western Region, reeled off seven significant Los Angeles places, and then multiple cinematic endeavors each had appeared in.

This all took place because Clark Construction is the 2020 AIALA Merry Norris Design Advocate Builder recipient; Kersey was responding on behalf of the company to the 2020 AIALA Presidential Honoree Q&A. That’s a convoluted intro to this piece, but we promise you that Kersey’s answers are worth the read. To discover his cinematic map of Los Angeles, and more, read on.

1. What’s the best depiction of LA architecture in a movie, Netflix project, video or book and why (if you’re so inclined.)
+ The Caltrans Building (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, multiple car commercials)
+ Bradbury Building | Blade Runner, The Artist, Chinatown
+ Los Angeles Union Station | Blade Runner, Dark Knight Rises, Chinatown
+ Griffith Observatory | La La Land, Rebel Without a Cause
+ LA City Hall | Chinatown, LA Confidential
+ Ennis House | Blade Runner, The Rocketeer
+ Angel’s Flight | La La Land

2. What’s the best thing a client or community member can say to you.
The best thing a client can say to us is that there is another exciting project We’d-Like-You-to-Build-for-Us!

[Clark Construction will be honored at the 2020 AIALA Design Awards on October 29, as the AIALA Merry Norris Design Advocate, Builder recipient. To purchase tickets for this zoom event, click here.]

3. Out of your projects, can you select one which you believe has most contributed to the city, how, and… why did you do it?
+ LA Federal Courthouse/This was a Design-Build project where Clark supported the creation of an architecturally iconic structure. It included and innovative construction challenge of the structure and floating cube. It was economically responsible architecture for the public, a very efficient building and overall cost for a federal courthouse. It was the final piece of the revitalization of the LA civic core which allows us to speak to our work at LA City Hall, Hall of Justice, and Caltrans. It benefited the city by replacing outdated civic infrastructure.
+ LA Live! which was a primary catalyst for the revitalization of downtown LA entertainment and nightlife. Multiple architects deserve the credit, such as RTKL and ELS.
+ Hall of Justice. This was another design-build project where Clark partnered with AC Martin to restore the historic building to it’s original prominence and glory. The final product achieved excellence in design and conservation.
+ LAC/USC Hospital. It’s the biggest public hospital in the city and replaced obsolete critical infrastructure.

4. What’s your favorite public place to safe distance in LA right now?
The grounds at LACMA. And LA Live.

5. What’s on your bucket list design-wise. What’s that dream project.
The LACMA Building for the Permanent Collection. It rounds out our portfolio. We have extensive experience in museums on the East coast and now we are building the most exciting museum building on the West. Plus, there is the challenge and thrill of working with Peter Zumthor and again with SOM to deliver an important icon for Los Angeles.


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LA Live designed by CallisonRTKL, courtesy Clark Construction
Federal Courthouse Los Angeles, designed by SOM. Photo: Bruce Damonte