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As the Los Angeles AIA WiA Committee embarks upon our 10th season, we are taking a moment to reflect on the achievements of women in the field of architecture. With strength and resilience women architects have triumphed in our profession and shedding light on our achievements is necessary. At the same time, we would like to encourage our members to take an active role in advancing their careers through the practice of self-advocacy. We as individuals are our own best advocates and should not wait for others to notice our greatness. So go ahead – share personal anecdotes and career wins on social media or in the office, shine your light unapologetically . Recognize and celebrate your achievements. We want to help everyone feel confident about promoting themselves and being their own champion. Ultimately, in 2023 and beyond the WiA Committee wants you to KNOW YOUR WORTH!

With this year’s events we plan to assist our members in curating their best professional self as we are inspired by the trailblazing women who have already made waves transforming the profession. We will reflect on the incredible achievements of the women professionals who came first and paved the way for future baddies. Through these efforts we hope to increase the visibility of women in architecture while continuing the charge of moving the needle forward towards a more diverse profession with increased gender equity especially within leadership roles. We hope to inspire a sense of purpose as we focus on the intentional actions that can be taken by women to self-advocate and deliver measurable progress towards these ambitious goals. Finally, developing upon last year’s theme of allyship we also know that finding those who will support you is fundamental to amplifying your career journey. We plan to collaborate with other AIA/LA committee bodies whose mission aligns with ours such as the AIA Emerging Professionals Committee, J.E.D.I. and ACLA Design by Diversity as well as outside sister organizations.

AIA|LA Women in Architecture Committee’s mission is to promote Gender Equity in the profession.  Founded in 2016, WiA Committee developed from a strong desire to empower and promote positive change for women in the field of architecture, heavily fueled by the influential POWERFUL: Women Leading Design conference series.

The committee meets monthly for a series of lectures, networking opportunities, and workshops.  WiA leads the organization of the annual POWERFUL conference.

WiA will maintain a focus of embracing diversity through inclusion, encouraging professional growth through networking and interactions, promoting leadership and offering career guidance, endorsing community outreach, and providing support to women in their career development in architecture.

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