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Purposeful: An Architecture in Healthcare Workshop

Designing facilities for healthcare is a complex and interconnected activity and the cycle time for effective change is measured in years.  Oftentimes, ideas that make a difference don’t spread fast enough.

The AIA|LA Architecture in Healthcare Committee is seeking ways to accelerate the change and catalyze the innovation necessary to create more responsive facilities.

The Purposeful, Architecture in Healthcare Workshop will be a guided, interactive collaboration among many of the constituents who conceive, design, operate, create – and recreate – the healthcare facilities for today and tomorrow. (Scroll down to discover the process by which you will influence the day’s outcome.)

Participants will work to uncover, through an interactive design charrette, how a hypothetical decommissioned hospital facility that has outlived its original function can be reimagined and repurposed for new uses.

The PURPOSEFUL Workshop will bring together healthcare industry leaders in Southern California to brainstorm realistic, but also far-sighted implementable solutions that overcome obstacles to much-needed change in the healthcare industry.

This half-day workshop seeks ways to accelerate change and innovation to create more responsive facilities by uniting healthcare facility executives, care providers, Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry professionals, and emerging professionals to explore design solutions together.

Be Purposeful.

The Process

Participants will be grouped into multidisciplinary teams of 10 people to propose ideas for a selected use. The goal is to incorporate affordances that offer a fundamental benefit to as many stakeholders as possible in the healthcare universe – patients, their providers and caregivers, and those who support them. The benefits of quality, time savings, cost reduction, convenience, process improvement, and human experience are a few of the possible outcomes.

After hearing brief, targeted topic presentations, and with the assistance of health care facility representatives who will consult with the teams throughout the charrette process, the teams will generate ideas to be curated into an idea-book that can be shared by all participants, and with the industry at large.




Wednesday, May 15, 2019

8:00AM – 2:00PM

Pacific Design Center – West Hollywood, CA


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$135 for the public


CES Learning Units|HSW: 5.5


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