AIA Los Angeles Congratulates Our New Fellows for 2020

February 25, 2020 – Los Angeles—AIA Los Angeles is pleased and proud to announce that thirteen of our Chapter members have been elevated to Fellowship (signified by the initials FAIA.)

One of the highest honors that AIA awards, Fellowship celebrates Architect Members with at least ten years of membership, who have made significant contributions to the profession and to society, who exemplify architectural excellence, and whose work has had a profound influence or ripple effect.

Fellowship may be bestowed in one of several categories:
1) Design, Urban Design, or Preservation; 2) Education, Research, Literature, or Practice (with the option of a subcategory of Management or Technical Advancement); 3) Led the Institute or a Related Organization; 4) Public Service, Government, Industry, or Organization; or 5) Alternative Career, Volunteer Work with Organizations Not Directly Connected with the Built Environment, or Service to Society.

The new Fellows will receive their Fellowship medal during the Investiture at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2020 (A’20), here in Los Angeles. Their Investiture ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, May 15, 2020 at the legendary Orpheum Theatre on Broadway. Our Los Angeles Fellows will also be honored locally this summer at a private reception.

AIA|LA thanks our 2019-20 Fellows Nominating & Mentoring Committee, and everyone who supported our nominees as sponsors, reference letter writers and mentors. Their experience, advice and encouragement are crucial to a successful nomination, and are extremely appreciated.

This year, 116 AIA members and 5 international architects were elevated to Fellow. You can view a list of all the new Fellows nationwide at

Please scroll down to see all of the 13 Los Angeles honorees.

Barbara Flammang, FAIA

Barbara Flammang fundamentally changed downtown Los Angeles by leading her firm’s transformative work in the City’s historic core. Her enlightened management practices have tenaciously advanced equity, diversity and inclusivity for nearly 40 years.
Avi Grigoresco, FAIA

Kaiser Permanente
Determined to improve the way people experience hospitals, Avi Grigoresco has masterfully altered the development, design and construction of medical facilities, to provide an instant positive reality for patients, doctors, nurses, and surrounding community.
Eric Haas, FAIA

DSH // architecture
Integrating poetic design and progressive conservation, Eric Haas infuses faded structures with fresh vitality. Through astute programming and rejuvenated, enriched architecture he effects transformational change in the lives of buildings and communities.
Sarah Meeker Jensen, FAIA

Jensen + Partners
Super-effectively cross-trained as an architect, business administrator and contractor, Sarah Meeker Jensen's focus on healthcare economics has forged a new, nationally recognized model for facility planning/design while envisioning the health system of the future.
John Kaliski, FAIA

John Kaliski Architects
John Kaliski is an urban design leader whose writings, teaching, public and private practice, service, and civic engagement advance participatory design practices locally, nationally, and internationally while elevating community-based design to transform Southern California cities.
Karin Liljegren, FAIA

Karin Liljegren elevates the architect’s role in urban revitalization, creating a nationally applicable model for the practice of adaptive reuse by driving citywide policy innovations, strengthening industry expertise, and empowering community growth.

Yu-Ngok Lo, FAIA

YNL Architects, Inc.
Yu-Ngok Lo inspires and provides resources for immigrant architects, advances the AIA’s Call to Diversity, gives AIA members overseas a voice in the profession, and educates emerging professionals and students through his leadership and journalism.
Neal Matsuno, FAIA

Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners
Through evidence-based practice, Neal Matsuno’s work proves how design of the built environment positively impacts people’s lives. Collaborating with leading social scientists, he leads a holistic project approach to sustainability, health, wellness, diversity and inclusion.
Alix Walsh O'Brien, FAIA

Los Angeles Unified School District
Alix O’Brien, a leader in design management and project delivery, has profoundly shaped kindergarten through college educational environments with a client’s strategic vision for planning and design excellence, benefiting almost 1 million Southern California students.
Roger Sherman, FAIA

Roger Sherman’s influential thinking--projects, writing and teaching--has advanced the profession's understanding of contemporary city form and city life. His inventive but rigorous work has resulted in new paradigms in urban resilience, housing and public space.
James Silcott, FAIA

Kennard Design Group, Inc.
To educate future generations of architects, James Silcott, FAIA, has contributed more than $3 million --- making him the largest individual donor to African American architecture students in the United States.
Warren Techentin, FAIA

Warren Techentin Architecture
Leveraging his expertise in multi-family housing, digital design, and environmentally responsible urbanism, Warren Techentin is a design leader integrating urban strategies into architectural form to connect buildings more intensively with people, communities, and sites.

Mario Violich, FAIA
Moore Ruble Yudell Architects
Mario Violich shapes campus plans that bridge higher education and urban design. Landscape, building and city are woven into dynamic, open urban compositions that engage and inspire people, revitalizing the public realm for diverse communities.


For more information on Fellowship and the nomination and submission process please contact
Steve Tanner, Hon. AIA|LA
Membership Director
t: 213.639.0765