2021 AIA Los Angeles Board of Directors
Call for Nominations


The AIA Los Angeles Chapter Nominating Committee will meet to compile a list of nominated and solicited names for the following offices for the 2021 AIA|LA Board of Directors:

(1) Vice President / President-Elect    
(position available serving a 3-year term: 2021 VP, 2022 President, 2023 Past President)

(1) Treasurer
(position available serving a 2-year term: Jan 2021-Dec 2022)

(2) Directors
(positions available serving a 3-year term: Jan 2021-Dec 2023)

(1) AIA California Representative
(position available serving a 2-year term: Jan 2021-Dec 2022)

(1) Ex Officio Associate Director (position available serving a 1-year term and advancing to Associate Director for another 1-year term.)


If you are an AIA|LA Architect member-in-good-standing interested in being considered for one of the open positions, please submit your name by Thursday July 2, 2020 @ 12:00 noon PDT.

Letters of interest should be emailed to Executive Carlo Caccavale, Hon. AIA|LA, with “Board Nominations 2021” in the subject line, to:

Wade Killefer, FAIA – Chair, Nominations Committee
c/o Carlo Caccavale at AIA Los Angeles

Questions? Please call Carlo at (213) 639-0768.

Please Note: This is the first of two opportunities to submit your name for the 2021 Board. In this initial round, the Nominating Committee will consider all AIA|LA members-in-good-standing and determine their list of nominees for each open position. This list will be shared with the membership via email and then an open solicitation for additional nominees will occur from Thursday August 6 – Thursday September 3, 2020.

As of 9/3/2020, nominations have closed for 2021.

During this open solicitation period, any AIA|LA Architect member-in-good-standing may add their name to the ballot with the signed endorsement of (3) fellow AIA|LA Architect members-in-good-standing.

Submit your letter of interest HERE


New Board Members in 2021 will join the following individuals who are currently serving a leadership role.
In 2021, their positions will be:

President: Wade Killefer, FAIA
Past President: Greg Verabian, AIA
Secretary: Kevin Holland, FAIA
Director: Fabian Kremkus, AIA
Director: Pooja Bhagat, AIA
Director: Ziba Ghassemi, AIA
Director: Dan Herman, AIA
Director: Leslie Sydnor, AIA
AIACC Representative: John Egan, AIA
Public Director: Molly Rysman
Associate Director: Francisco Arias, Assoc. AIA