PHOTO: Tibby Rothman

Representatives from architecture and engineering firms in Los Angeles originally organized the AIA|LA Practice Committee with a focus on large-scale public and institutional building projects. Their purpose was to create an effective interface with various agencies and significant client entities to facilitate exchange of information and ideas in technical, design and business issues that affect our industry. Concurrently, in 2017, the AIA|LA International Practice Committee was working on promoting the unique talents of Los Angeles Architects in the Global community and crafted events that would facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise concerning the international practice of architecture amongst our members.

In 2012, the AIA|LA International Practice Committee was merged with the AIA Practice committee to form one unit to oversee all aspects of architectural practice at the city, state, federal and global level.

The committee’s focus is business issues relating to Architecture and Engineering contracting practices at home and abroad with emphasis on lectures, programs and events that highlight technology related to the delivery of Architectural and Engineering services.

Interested in contributing to the work of this committee? Contact its staff liaison.

Mehrdad Farivar Esq., FAIA
Will Wright, Hon. AIA|LA