April 18, 2019

From the desk of Will Wright, Hon. AIA|LA
Director of Government & Public Affairs

AIA Los Angeles

Action needed—AIA introduces Invest in America Act

On Wednesday, April 10, AIA helped introduce the Invest in America Act—federal legislation that would create project opportunities for architecture firms by increasing state and local leaders’ ability to attract much needed investment to improve buildings and infrastructure in their cities and towns.

Now it’s time for us to work together to advance it through Congress. For this legislation to pass both chambers, we need you to help with recruiting your U.S. House of Representatives delegation members. Visit https://p2a.co/jLufacn to send a short message asking them to co-sponsor the Invest in America Act, HR 2210.

The Invest in America Act would repeal a federal tax law known as FIRPTA or the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act. This archaic policy imposes a punitive capital gains tax on global investors that fund domestic real estate projects. By repealing it, the Invest in America Act would have numerous benefits for our profession, our businesses and the communities we serve including:

Creating jobs for architects: 284,000 jobs could be generated, especially in the design, construction, manufacturing, and real estate industries.

Spurring projects for firms: As much as $125 billion in new capital could be available to invest directly into building or retrofitting America’s aging public and private building stock.

Improving communities: Architects know first-hand that our cities and towns are in disrepair. The Invest in America Act would inject much needed capital into them. From airports to schools, hospitals, senior centers, affordable housing and our transportation systems, this bill would begin to help communities of all sizes and locations.

We expect to introduce a bipartisan Senate version of the bill in the future. For now, we must build support for it in the U.S. House of Representatives. Learn more and help advance AIA’s effort to create jobs and projects for architects and improve America’s cities and towns.

Please share this call to action on social media and encourage your colleagues to take action, too.

For more information please visit https://p2a.co/jLufacn.


William J. Bates, FAIA
2019 President
AIA National

AIA National

CalGreen Checklists Update

a resource from AIA California

As part of the July 1, 2018, intervening code supplements, the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code, Part 11, now includes Standards for Compliance with Building Commissioning in Chapter 8, Part 1. In addition, Chapter 8, Compliance Forms, Worksheets and Reference Material, provides Sample Forms and Templates for Commissioning. These forms may be used or adopted for verification compliance with commissioning requirements by enforcing agencies around the state. AIA CA now offers digital and editable forms, in 24×36 drawing format, for your project use.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au2WVE73BlgLiGWgdLx6CJKA6dfj (.zip)

You asked and we listened. AIA CA has updated our CALGreen checklists for member use. The Residential and Nonresidential Mandatory Measures Checklists now reflect the July 1, 2018, intervening code changes and can be found at the link below. Each zip file contains both an editable CAD and PDF version of our sheet sized checklists. Feel free to use and edit as required for submittal to the jurisdiction having authority over your projects!

Coming soon, we’ll also offer digital, sheet sized versions of the California Green Building Standards Code, Part 11, Chapter 8, Part 1: Standards for Compliance with Building Commissioning guidelines and sample forms/templates.

Download Residential (zip)

Download Non-Residential (zip)

AIA California