PHOTO: Detail of a photo by Carlo Caccavale, Hon. AIA|LA

The AIA|LA connects policy groups, academic institutions, community organizations and the press with architects and designers that have expertise in a diverse array of topics related to the built environment. To connect with architects and designers to speak on behalf of policy as related to the built environment contact: Will Wright, Hon. AIA|LA – Director of Government & Public Affairs.   If you represent a school looking for a speaker, contact:  Steve Tanner, Hon. AIA|LA – Membership Director. For press inquiries, contact Tibby Rothman, Hon. AIA|LA Director of Communications


1.  Architecture for Healthcare Facilities
2.  Architecture for Justice Facilities
3.  Building Performance
4.  Architecture for Education Facilities
5.  Design Excellence
6.  Sustainability & Resilience
7.  Construction Contract Administration
8.  Facility Management
9.  Custom Residential
10.  Design for Aging
11.  Historic Resources

12.  Housing and Community Development
13.  Interfaith Design
14.  Interior Architecture
15.  Practice Management
16.  Project Delivery
17.  Public Facilities
18.  Urban Design
19.  Retail and Entertainment
20.  Small Project Practitioners
21.  Technology in Architectural Practice
22: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
23.  Accessibility


If you’re a member interested in being on the AIA|LA Speakers Bureau, click here.

PHOTO: Detail of an image by: Carlo Caccavale, Hon. AIA|LA