PHOTO: Partially Similar designed by Ezinneka Emeh

Thanks to everyone who made the 2021 2×8 Student Competition, Exhibition, and Scholarship Program a success. Check back here for information on the 2022 2×8 Student Competition, Exhibition, and Scholarship Program or sign-up for the newsletter.


2×8 Student Exhibition, Competition, and Scholarship Program 2021

Beginning in 2021, 2×8 is organized by Architecture for Communities Los Angeles, a non-profit formed by the AIALA to support the efforts of our schools, institutions, and practitioners to inspire, educate, and engage a wider spectrum of society in the design of our built environment.

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2×8 Student Competition, Exhibition and Scholarship program showcases exemplary student work from architecture & design institutions throughout California. Celebrating the state’s unequaled diversity in pedagogical directions, each of the participating academic programs select two student projects that epitomize their core vision. As many as 16 schools participate in the annual show.

Participating students exhibit their work at a public venue and have the opportunity to potentially receive scholarships to further their education as tomorrow’s architects.

Since you’re here, we invite you  to wander through a digital matrix of the 2020 virtual exhibition galleries at 2×8: Domum, the first year that the AIALA’s 2×8 Student Exhibition, Competition and Scholarship program went completely virtual.

As designed by Garet Ammerman, THR.D studio, Inc, and developed by Bryan Zhang, WbML at USC, the virtual exhibition space offers an untethered immersive gallery experience within a field of equally accessible student pods distributed by a graphic scaffolding.

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2020 2x8 WINNERS
View the winners of 2x8: Domum
See the ten projects awarded scholarships by the jury.
“2×8: Domum” Exhibition Features New Housing Prototypes from Next-Generation Designers Installed in a Progressive Virtual Gallery
Read the press release announcing the winners of 2x8: Domum and learn about the exhibit showing them.
Engage: View the 2x8 Interactive Exhibit.
Wander through the 2x8 Interactive Exhibit and see animations, gif diagrams, models, and video commentary– the work of students from 16 schools across California.