PHOTO: Oak Pass Main House. Walker Workshop. Joe Fletcher Photography

Each summer, AIA Los Angeles publishes an annual Member Directory & Resource Guide. As you would expect, it includes contact info for all AIALA members in good standing as of April 1, but also updates on our programs and conferences, stories on our awards competitions and Presidential Honors, and a wealth of practical information. Our Directory is viewed not just by members, but by many architecture and design professionals, as well as by prospective clients.

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Ad space will fill up fast in the 2021 AIA Los Angeles Membership Directory & Resource Guide, this  year’s edition of the official publication of AIA Los Angeles. AIALA’s Membership Directory & Resource Guide is delivered in print form and digitally to our members. The Membership Directory & Resource Guide serves as a year round resource for members to connect with influential design professionals throughout the Los Angeles area.

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PHOTO: Banner: Oak Pass Main House. Walker Workshop. Joe Fletcher Photography