PHOTO: Oak Pass Main House. Walker Workshop. Joe Fletcher Photography

Each spring, AIA Los Angeles publishes an annual Member Directory & Resource Guide. Of course it includes contact info for all AIA|LA members in good standing as of April 1, but also updates on our conferences, stories on our awards programs and Presidential Honors, and a wealth of practical information. Our Directory is viewed not just by members, but by many architecture and design professionals as well as clients.

Your digital edition of AIA Los Angeles – 2018 Membership Directory & Resource Guide is available now. Clicking on an item in the Table of Contents will deliver you directly to that page of your issue. Start reading this issue now!

+ Letter from the President
+ Chapter Statement
+ Top 5 Reasons to be an AIA Member
+ AIA|LA Announces New Strategic Plan
+ AIA|LA Board of Directors 2018
+ AIA|LA Chapter Staff
+ Fellowship (FAIA)
+ AIA|LA Committees
+ AIA|LA Annual Sponsors for 2017
+ Interior Architecture Committee Sponsors
+ Encompass
+ Design for Dignity
+ Powerful IV
+ 2°C
+ 2×8 Student Design Competition
+ 2017 Design, Next LA, and COTE Awards
+ 2018 Architectural Photography Awards
+ 2017 Restaurant Design Awards
+ 2018 Restaurant Design Awards
+ Residential Architecture Awards 2018
+ Firm Profiles
+ Products and Services Marketplace
+ Chapter Members (Architect, Associate, Allied, Honorary & Student Members)
+ Working with an AIA Architect
+ Twenty Questions to Ask Your Architect
+ Who Speaks for the AIA|LA Chapter?
+ Continuing Education (CES) and AIA
+ Architectural Licensing in California
+ AIA Contract Documents
+ The AIA Trust
+ Honorary AIA|LA Members
+ AIA|LA Presidents, 1894-2018
+ Fellows of the AIA|LA Chapter
+ Letter from the Vice President
+ Index of Advertisers
+ Advertiser.com

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Sales are OPEN and spaces are filling fast in the 2019-20 AIA Los Angeles Membership Directory & Resource Guide, the official publication of AIA Los Angeles. AIA LA’s Membership Directory & Resource Guide is delivered, both in print and digitally, directly to 100% of our members. The Membership Directory & Resource Guide serves as a year round resource for members to connect with influential design professionals throughout the Los Angeles area.

For more information, please contact Angela McDougall at (204) 975-3625 or amcdougall@naylor.com

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PHOTO: Banner: Oak Pass Main House. Walker Workshop. Joe Fletcher Photography