PHOTO: Tibby Rothman

Minya Radenkovich
Project Architect and Designer, CO Architects
Minya Radenkovich, a native of Sarajevo, Bosnia has been living and working in Los Angeles for more than two decades, practicing architecture and loving the diversity of the city and its multicultural offerings. Her extensive portfolio includes institutional, cultural, high-end retail, single and multi-family residential, gallery, and ecclesiastical projects. Minya’s curiosity found a great medium within the field of architecture offering endless possibilities for learning and growth and variety of tasks. She is passionate about sustainable and humancentric design which starts with establishing an empathic connection with clients. The goal is always to find the best way to express what they cannot so that she can help enhance their living and operating environments. Over the years she has developed a particular interest for lighting and furniture design while blurring the lines between architecture and interiors. She has worked at CO Architects since 2016, holds a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from University Of Belgrade, is a California licensed architect and a LEED Green Associate.

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Vice Chair

Tina Aghassian, Assoc. AIA
Principal, HLB Lighting Design
Tina is a Principal at HLB Lighting Design with over two decades of lighting design experience. Her passion for design is fueled by a profound empathy – an ability to isolate the metaphor of a project, consider the implications, and develop nuanced lighting solutions that resonate with the design intent. As a design leader she brings a remarkable attention to detail and commitment to quality that elevates the built environment and celebrates the finer points of design. Tina brings a passion for storytelling to her projects and is an avid believer in sustainable and humancentric design practices. She volunteers her time with various organizations, is a mentor to many, and is a firm believer in lifelong learning.

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Past Chair
David Kennedy
Principal, David Kennedy Architect
David grew up in the Pacific Northwest and studied at the University of Oregon. Because of this, he draws much of his design inspiration from his experience with spaces in close proximity to nature. His practice is focused on hospitality and multi-/single-family buildings, private and social spaces that inspire good living. Interested in integrating landscape, structure and furnishings into a holistic design, he has had the good fortune to work with many creative collaborators including artists of all types. Many of his independent hotel projects have been published in the media and books.

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