PHOTO: Pico Branch Library. KEARCH. Photo detail Eric Staudenmaier.

Will you join a distinguished group of your peers and volunteer your time to connect with students?

AIA Los Angeles receives requests from schools, libraries and mentoring programs for architects and designers to speak to students of all ages, about the profession and the built environment. The audience ranges from K-12 and across a wide spectrum of backgrounds and awareness of/exposure to design.

To better fulfill these ongoing requests, the AIA|LA is establishing an official group of on-call volunteer design leaders.

Feel free to contact Membership Director Steve Tanner, Hon. AIALA, at the AIA|LA Office with any questions,

ACE Mentorship (High School)

The ACE name stands for Architecture, Construction and Engineering. The ACE program helps to mentor high school students and inspires them to pursue careers in design and construction.

Firm Involvement: Organized as teams, students are led through a mock design project by their architect, engineer and construction management mentors. Teams (and mentors) meet for approx. 15 sessions, each of which run about two hours after school. Sessions happen at firms as well as schools.

Get involved with ACE here

LA Promise Fund

The LA Promise Fund fosters programs such as Girls Build LA, a year-long STEAM incubator program for middle and high school girls, and The Intern Project (TIP), a program that places high school seniors and juniors in real workplace settings for summer internships.

Firm Involvement:
In addition to mentorship opportunities within the programs, or hosting an intern, LA Promise Fund organizes field-trips to real STEAM firm for both TIP and Girls Build.

Want more information about how to get involved? Email Kirstin.

Learn more about LA Promise Fund programs here



SoCalNOMA’s Architecture & Engineering Summer Camp is designed and taught, primarily although not exclusively, by local African-American architects, engineers, interior designers and urban planners. The camps are designed to teach the basics of architectural design, inclusive of mapping, site investigation, sketching, scaled drawings, model-making, sustainability, and presentation skills.

Firm Involvement: NOMA & NOMAS members, and adult volunteers have a 5:1 ratio to ensure individualized student interactions and introduce them to practical and essential elements of architecture and engineering, to promote interest and desire for a career vocation in the fields. We will do this through walking tours, lectures, and drawing activities, using computer technology and hands on projects.

Want more information about how to get involved? Email Kirstin.

To visit the SoCalNOMA website, click here.



SPARK is a workplace-based mentoring program that provides middle school students opportunities for career exploration through workshops and labs hosted by participating firms. On-site programming allows students to understand what is possible for their future careers in the context of the workplace, and allows firm members to work in a collaborative mentoring environment.

Firm Involvement: Participation from firm in supporting the program includes, but is not limited to: lunch-n-learns, student group visits, group mentoring, field trips, and workshops.

Want more information about how to get involved? Email Kirstin.

Learn about the various SPARK programs here.

PHOTO: Banner: Pico Branch Library. Koning Eizenberg. Detail of image by Eric Staudenmaier.