The Robert Kennard, FAIA Award for Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity

Who/What this Award Honors:
This award distinguishes an architect, designer or architectural organization
 that embodies social responsibility and actively addresses equity, diversity and inclusivity in the profession. This social engagement or initiative isn’t restricted to architecture—it can be expressed in any area of the nominee’s life or work.

The purpose of this award is to recognize exemplary practices that promote ethnic and cultural diversity, gender equity, and the inclusion of marginalized groups of citizens through design and/or practice.

About the Award:
Recognized for his significant contributions to Los Angeles’ civic landscape, Robert Kennard, FAIA is remembered for his commitment to mentorship and encouraging young people, especially underrepresented ethnicities and women, to pursue careers in architecture. As an active and engaged community member, Mr. Kennard founded the Minority Architecture and Planning organization, a precursor of the National Organization of Minority Architects. He was involved, from its inception, with the Inner City Cultural Center, a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural arts organization founded after the 1965 Watts rebellion, along with numerous other civic organizations. In 1991 he received the AIA Whitney M. Young Jr. Award in recognition of his mentorship of young people. Mr. Kennard’s legacy lives on through the students and others who he influenced from his firm’s establishment in 1957 until his death in 1995.



Nominees must fall under one of the following categories:

  1. “Architects/designers”  – individuals
    (Must be Los Angeles Chapter Members in good standing – AIA or Assoc. AIA.)
  2. “Architectural organizations” – groups, firms, companies
    (Must have Los Angeles Chapter Members in good standing – AIA or Assoc. AIA.)
  • Nominations may come directly from the AIA|LA Board of Directors or AIA|LA Staff, and the AIA|LA membership.
  • This online nomination form will allow AIA|LA members to nominate other members & member firms/organizations. The nominator/submittor serves as a reference or “vote of confidence” on behalf of the nominated.
  • Members may also self-nominate or nominate their own firm for consideration, but must provide another AIA member to serve as a reference for their submission.


Submissions will be reviewed by the 2020 AIA|LA Board of Directors. References may be called upon to answer questions, or to advocate on behalf of the nominated.

Please submit all of your nomination materials by Tuesday, May 19th. | Submissions are now Closed.


The 2020 recipient of the first-annual Robert Kennard, FAIA Award for Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity will be recognized alongside other Presidential Honorees at the 2020 Design Award Ceremony in October.

About the AIA|LA Presidential Awards

The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA|LA) has an enriched tradition of recognizing distinguished professionals with an annual allocation of AIA|LA Presidential and Board of Directors Awards. These Awards provide the foundations of what the Los Angeles Chapter stands for: recognition of excellence in design and to provide rewards for those individuals whose passion, talent and dedication make an undeniable and permanent contribution to our city’s built environment and our community. Honorees of the AIA|LA Presidential Awards shall be individuals, firms and organizations whose work and conduct exemplify and further the core values of the Chapter. These core values include: commitment to equity, diversity, inclusivity and human rights; architecture that strengthens our communities; sustainable and environmentally-conscious practices; providing economic opportunity; and advocacy for the profession at the social and political level.

In recognizing that architecture and design matter, and that communities are built on the leadership provided by the profession, the AIA|LA Presidential and Board of Directors Awards enable the Chapter to bestow upon select individuals an honor that has become highly regarded in Southern California.