PHOTO: Maria Kuzminskaya
KEY DATES / 2018

Call for Entries / Tuesday, April 24

Registrations Due / Tuesday, June 12

Submissions Due/ Tuesday, August 7

Jury Day / Friday, September 21

Sponsorship Deadline/ TBD

Awards Ceremony / Tuesday, October 30


  • Complete Concealed Identification Submission Form online (links below) for each project (in each respective category).
  • Email PDF Presentation and TWO Project Images (specifications below) in ONE FOLDER PER ENTRY to
  • Folder, PDF, and images MUST be named with entry number and project category code (ex: D104_CMU, D104_CMU.pdf, and D104_CMU.jpg)
  • Project category descriptions and codes are at the bottom of this page.


  • Submit each folder in a zipped/compressed format via email or DropBox, WeTransfer, etc.
  • Email subject should be named with entry number and category code (ex: D104_CMU, C20_MUR, or N68_IC)
  • If you are submitting multiple entries, please submit each of these as a separate email with corresponding entry number and category code.
  • Confirmation receipt of all entries is the sole responsibility of the submitting entity.
  • Emails over 10MB will not be received.



  • Submission form must be completed ONLINE (links below) for each project submission to be considered complete.
  • All information provided should be complete and accurate, as it may be used for publication by AIA Los Angeles.
  • Note: Members of the jury will not see your submission form.
  • In the event that the jury selects your project, it will be credited based on the information you submit.
  • The submission MUST be approved by the Designer-In-Charge or by a Principal with the firm in order to qualify.
  • Submission form MUST contain entry number and project category.



  • Use any program for layout of entry, but follow the AIA|LA 2018 Powerpoint Template that was emailed to you in terms of design, text, and placement.
  • All presentations must be exported as a single PDF file, named with submittal number and category, and sized no larger than 9MB.
  • PDF presentation file MUST be named with entry number and category code (ex: D104_CMU.pdf, C20_MUR.pdf, or N68_IC.pdf)
  • There should be no text or image(s) identifying designer/firm and/or name of project – ALL JUDGING IS ANONYMOUS.
  • Place project LOCATION, ENTRY NUMBER, and CATEGORY on each page, as noted on template.
  • Page order set up (it is in your best interest to follow these guidelines)
    • Page 1: Establishing Photo– best overall photo, most representative of project.
    • Page 2: Project Description– PROJECT DATE, PROJECT SIZE, SITE CONDITIONS, PROGRAM, and DESIGN INTENT. 250 words or less in Arial 12pt. font.
    • Pages 3-10 Project Images– interior and exterior photos, site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations, etc. to give full sense of project.
  • Final PDF can be 10 pages MAX. and must include a minimum of three (3) photos of the project, and one (1) text page.
  • All slides may contain two (2) images, except for slide one which must have ONE (1) photo only.
  • Re-use/renovation/restoration entries are encouraged to show images of previous conditions for reference.
  • Captions are optional.



  • For use by AIA Los Angeles (On our website and Pinterest gallery, as well as printed and digital display at the 2018 AIA|LA Design Awards).
  • ONE high-resolution Project Image for PRINT in .jpg or .png format (36×24 inches, 150 dpi minimum resolution, 300 dpi resolution if available)
  • ONE high-resolution Project Image for WEB in .jpg or .png format (8×6 inches, 72 dpi resolution)
  • Horizontal orientation preferred.
  • Images may not be composites or collages- must be a single, representative image of the submitted projected.
  • All images should be clear or identifying text or marks.
  • All images MUST be named with entry number/category code/image # (ex: D104_CMU_01.jpg )
  • All photographer credits for images must be indicated in project submission form.
  • Additional images will be requested at a later date from entrants receiving awards for use during the awards presentation and/publication and publicity.

Entry Numbers beginning with C
Entry Numbers beginning with D
Entry Numbers beginning with N


  • Each project must be entered into a specific Project Category. Categories are intended for ease of jury coordination only; awards are not bestowed per category. The Project Categories are defined as follows:
    • Commercial/Mixed-Use (CMU): projects intended for commercial or mixed commercial and residential uses, including (but not limited to) office, retail, hospitality, and/or industrial.
    • Institutional/Civic (IC): projects intended for public or governmental uses, including (but not limited to) government buildings, libraries, healthcare, museums, and/or performing arts centers.
    • Educational (EDU): projects intended for all levels of education, including (but not limited to) pre-school, K-12, college and university, and/or adult education.
    • Single-Family Residential (SFR): projects intended for single-family habitation.
    • Multi-Unit Residential (MUR): projects intended for habitation by multiple tenants, including (but not limited to) condos, apartment buildings, co-ops, affordable housing, public housing, townhouses, duplexes, and/or small-lot projects.
    • Adaptive Re-Use/Renovation/Historic Preservation (ARHP): projects of all types that are designed in consideration of existing built conditions.
    • Interior Architecture (IA): projects that involve the interior architecture of a space only, in a project type, including (but not limited to) office, retail, hospitality, entertainment, museum, educational, and/or residential.
    • Cityscapes (CS): projects that engage a broad range of circumstances, including (but not limited to) urban design, master planning, outdoor public spaces, campus planning, and/or transit-oriented developments.
    • Installations (INST): projects intended for temporary status, including (but not limited to) museum and gallery exhibitions, trade show exhibits, and/or follies.
    • Competitions (COM) – NEXT LA AWARD PROJECTS ONLY: Projects entered for any type of design competition that has been sponsored by an acknowledged civic or professional organization for the purpose of selecting a project for construction; both winning and non-winning competition entries are acceptable.

Questions? Email for more info.