Group commitment, new and contemporary ideas, and a determination to take action were the overall takeaways from Design for Dignity, the AIA|LA’s fourth conference pertaining to the entwined issues of housing affordability and homelessness. Over two-hundred and fifty participants attended; the majority stayed for afternoon breakout sessions, time set aside to develop solutions to the growing crisis.

Briefly, the proposed actions varied from small changes to better align the entitlement process with affordable housing funding process requirements; to a cost-reducer for affordable housing projects above four stories; to greater flexibility in areas zoned for single-family homes; to a process by which the AIA|LA shares the design-quality denser projects may achieve with neighborhoods; to considering a FEMA-like approval process for the crisis; to the establishment of an AIA|LA task force whose members may more directly take action; to many more.

To those of you who brought your expertise, commitment and support, we thank you.

Thank to the stellar group of sponsors who supported the event, the speakers who contributed expertise, and all attendees whose participation made the day a success. You can find a complete library of images on the AIA|LA’s Facebook outpost, right here.