PHOTO: Kirill Volchinskiy

The theme of the exhibition, “CORE”, was
deliberately ambiguous, in order to allow students
greater latitude in developing their projects.

Entries were considered by a jury composed of: Clay
Holden, AIA – Founder, Clay Holden Architecture;
Helena L. Jubany, FAIA – Principal, NAC
Architecture; and Nathaniel Keen – Principal,
Montalba Architects.

The seven 2017 AIA|LA 2×8: CORE award recipients


First Place HONOR AWARD/Recipient of THE
BLOC Scholarship

Thomas Wen, Samarth Syal, and Kristi Hsiao, USC
School of Architecture
For: Plug ‘N’ Play
Jury Notes: A well executed infill solution with a
fantastic urban building section. It’s clearly
diagrammed as an idea, and then developed as
architecture to an equally convincing degree. The
team of students should be commended for such a
well-rounded presentation.

Second Place MERIT AWARD/Recipient of
Montalba Architects Scholarship

Madeline Cunningham and Taylor Metcalf, California
College of the Arts
For: SubOrdinate
Jury Notes: An ambitious project that displayed a
thoroughness and depth of thought on a critical
topic. Architecture working collaboratively with
nature rather than containing or resisting its forces.
Graphically compelling as a layout and explanation
of concept. Excellent work, team.

Third Place CITATION AWARD/Recipient of
Scholarship in Honor of Norman R. Millar, AIA,
Former Dean, Woodbury School of Architecture

William Ellsworth, Woodbury School of Architecture
For: Intensive Poche
Jury Notes: We appreciate the control and restraint
when presenting such a large idea. Clear diagrams
and progression of the concept. Take us inside the
space & show what that experience is to complete
the exercise.

Third Place CITATION AWARD/Recipient of
Scholarship in Honor of Norman Millar, AIA, Former
Dean, Woodbury School Architecture

Michael Chin and Dylan Bachar, Woodbury School
of Architecture
For: Las Vegas Museum
Jury Notes: A fitting museum for such a unique city
& a clever solution to engage a tourist population.
The idea & the relationship with the source text is
clear. We can imagine the light-washed gallery
spaces, but wished there was an interior image to
compliment the rest of a well-done project.

Honorable Mention
Wei Qiu, Otis College
For: Connex – connecting light through voids
Jury Notes: A successful execution of an idea that
also spatially & experientially improves the
traditional model of apartment living. Nice use of
the rendered 3D section to illustrate the qualities of
natural light. Well done.

Honorable Mention
Francis Redublo, California State University Long
Beach BFA Interior Design
For: The Core
Jury Notes: The interior organization matches well
with the project’s charge of creating overlapping,
collaborative, and connected spaces.

Honorable Mention
Martha Kriley, Los Angeles Institute of Architecture
and Design
For: Field Project and Game Club
Jury Notes: An admirable amount of rigor and
passion on display that result in captivating forms
and imagery.


Exhibition Design

The Exhibition was designed and built by AIA 2×8
Committee members Francisco Arias, Derek Wong,
Tatiana Sarkisian, Jenda Michl, Joyce Kuo.
Sustainability was prioritized  through the use of
scaffolding for the structural elements. Student work
was hung on panels while the roof plane provided an
intimate experience for the passerby walking
through the busy, public, downtown location.

2017 2×8: CORE winners were announced on
November 9 at the opening of an exhibition featuring
the work of all student entries at THE BLOC in
downtown Los Angeles. The show remained on view
through November 25 at THE BLOC: 750 W. 7th
Street, LA, CA 90017. “Boards” featuring winners
and all entries were printed by ARC Document
Solutions for installation at THE BLOC.

PHOTO: Banner: Kirill Volchinskiy