PHOTO: New US Courthouse, SOM. Detail of Photo by Bruce Damonte

Shelter—the most fundamental charge of the architect—is a powerful word, encompassing mental as well as physical attributes. Good design not only houses us, but has the capacity to nurture more healthful lives, increase the ease with which we function at work, home, or play—and uplift spirit.

At the AIA|LA, we believe in the power of architecture to influence the well-being of Angelenos and our region. We are here to serve  our members, architects, and the field they practice through advocacy, the fostering of design excellence, and professional development.

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The AIA|LA is the voice of the architectural profession, providing resources for our members, who are the leaders in the design of the built environment.


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We are honored to advocate on behalf of members, and to support them through a full spectrum of resources that:

+ Empower individual architects
+ Strengthen firms
+ Advocate for the profession
+ Support our communities and region through design.


Our programing fosters aspirations, capabilities, and regional leadership through advocacy, education, inspiration, advancement of core-values, programs that support individual practices, and pathways to, and celebration of, design excellence.


In 2017, the chapter hosted or co-hosted over 150 conferences, presentations, events, tours, roundtables, meetings with influential regional leaders, continuing education courses, and awards programs.

If you are a licensed architect, we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities and join this year.

If you are an Angeleno who seek to learn more about design and designers, we invite you to join us on the many tours, conferences, and panel discussions we host which are open to the public.


With over 2000 Architect members, and 4300 members total, the AIA|LA is one of the three largest chapters of the AIA. Our membership includes: architects, design professionals, and students actively engaged in the profession, as well as individuals in allied fields that facilitate advances or services in the built environment. Members work at diverse companies representing a broad range of professional practices.

Since 1857, the AIA has represented the professional interests of America’s architects. As AIA members, more than 90,000 licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners in designing express their commitment to excellence and livability in our nation’s buildings and communities.

PHOTO: Banner: New US Courthouse, SOM. detail of photo by Bruce Damonte