Tower of Hope

Initiated in 1995 and completed in Spring 2000, Project 9865-Tower of Hope is the achievement
of thousands of children battling cancer, spinal injuries, burn trauma, AIDS, heart ailments
and other conditions in hospitals, pediatric care centers, and illness-related camps throughout
CA, who were assisted by many communities which joined together to help them realize
the public art creation. Painting a new canvas for the 165 ft. high tower - panel by panel -
provided youngsters coping with pain, isolation and fear with a joyous and therapeutic outlet
in the course of undergoing their treatments. Students in more than 100 schools and youth
programs participated in civic leadership sessions during which they helped prepare the
panels for the hospital sessions and created thousands of Portraits of Hope get well cards for
the kids with messages in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Hebrew and Braille.
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