Blair Graphics

This project for a prominent Los Angeles reprographics company provides renovation and expansion of an existing facility of 18,131 square feet. An outdated black and white photo lab was replaced with a new electronic digital color photo lab. The new lobby features industrial skylights, exposed wood structure, and new finishes. Animproved front façade was greatly enhanced for customer experience and public perception.

Dominant materials used for the project include: galvanized metal at the entry canopy, digital customer lounge, and public corridor; cast aluminum signage at the front facade; and clear glass in douglas fir wood frames at the lobby and digital customer lounge. The existing multi-colored exterior facade was visually simplified by the addition of red brick walls to match the aesthetic of the original brick warehouse. This neutral facade acts as a backdrop for the dramatic folded metal entry canopy and glass lobby. Artificial and natural lighting of the canopy surfaces enhances this architectural feature establishing it as a company icon for both day and night. 

Randall Stout Architects
Last updated: 13-Aug-2013 12:33 PM