Bay Cities

The building at the corner of Burton Way and Clark in the city of Beverly Hills was existing. It was a box sitting there for fifty years with its brick wall, wood truss roof structure and steel framed windows and had to be transformed into a showroom for kitchens and appliances. 

The intention for the design of this building was to go beyond the architectural implication of the site and remove the corner completely, both conceptually and literary and treat it as if the surfaces of the two sides of the building corner are unfolded into a flat surface. The entire front portion of the building on Burton Way and Clark was removed and was replaced with ten feet deep façade constructed with planes of steel and glass which start to incline away and to the corner and to the either side of the property. The orientation effect of the planes creates a different field of vision which is experienced from every direction inside and out of the building. The Existing and the new juxtaposed independently joint with a skylight which runs across the entire front portion of the building.
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