2000 Avenue of the Stars

The 2000 Avenue of the Stars building is a redevelopment of the former ABC Entertainment Center complex in Century City and consists of 720,000 square feet of class A office space, 45,000 square feet of restaurant and amenity retail, a 10,000-square-foot cultural program, and a redesigned open park space four acres in size. The entire development is located above a six-level subterranean parking garage and is part of a super block that includes the Minoru Yamasaki-designed Century Plaza Towers. The redeveloped property connects the site with Century City—the Century City Mall, the Century Plaza Hotel, and nearby office buildings—in a way it never has before. 
In keeping with the progressive vision for the project, an important mandate for the building design was to incorporate energy-saving features and mitigate any environmental impacts. The team performed an energy consumption analysis in coordination with the developer and the environmental agencies to evaluate potential environmental impact. The studies compared the projected utility usage for the new building against the history of utility consumption of the old buildings, demonstrating an energy savings of 16%. The building utilizes water saving features that will provide 20% savings in annual water consumption. Although the client chose not to pursue LEED certification, the 2000 Avenue of the Stars building envelope is, without a doubt, the most energy-efficient design in the Century City area due to double-glazed, low-E glass with a shading coefficient of 0.34.
A 30-foot grade difference between the base of the new building and the Century Plaza Towers provided space for the four-acre Centerpiece Park. The park slopes down from 2000 Avenue of the Stars to Century Plaza Towers, but the final grade is 5 percent, which provides a comfortable transition that meets ADA compliance. The new green space is an inviting destination for the professionals who work in the surrounding office buildings, their visitors and the community at large. A project goal from start was to create a community asset, not simply an outdoor cafeteria. The area has proven successful, packed at lunchtime with workers from all three projects on the block, as well as visitors from nearby buildings.
Last updated: 15-Aug-2013 12:16 PM