Hammerman House

Recently listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Harry Hammerman House at 219 Graybridge Road in Ladue was designed and built in 1952.  The only known work by its occupant and namesake, Harry Hammerman (1909-2001), the modest one-story dwelling is located in a unique fifteen-acre subdivision laid out in 1939 by architect Isadore Shank and his colleague Jim Auer as an enclave of mostly Jewish practitioners of architecture and the visual arts.  (Shank's son Peter recently described the subdivision as "very much like a commune.")  Mid-century luminaries Meyer Loomstein and Gustel Kiewitt each designed a house on Graybridge, while Shank designed five houses including one for his own family.  It was non-architect Hammerman, however, who provided the most thoroughly contemporary house on the street.
Last updated: 15-Aug-2013 01:59 PM