717 Olympic

The 717 Olympic tower anchors LA Live, the bustling sports and entertainment complex in downtown Los Angeles. Challenged by the project’s compact site, RTKL developed an exterior scheme that sensitively addresses mass, rhythm and organizational structure, with deep setbacks and shadow lines that articulate a sense of layering and texture and create architectural balance with the cityscape.

This 26-story, mixed-use, luxury residential building fills the niche for upscale housing in the city center and includes 700-SM of ground floor retail and commercial space. Each residential level features nine units with varying floor plans, including two-story penthouses. Each level also boasts raised, private balconies that provide views of the entertainment district and surrounding downtown area. Carved out areas on the 8th and 26th floors provide space for tenant amenities including a fitness area, gourmet kitchen, outdoor grilling area and theater.
Last updated: 13-Aug-2013 11:47 AM