7 & Coronado

New construction project of 68 affordable family apartments in downtown Los Angeles, Platinum LEED certification, completed 2012.

All apartments have two orientations; one being off-site into the public realm, and the other to a secure, visible, centralized grand courtyard where families will be able to gather and children will be able to play in safety. In addition to landscaped areas the courtyard includes BBQ areas and a large lot area with recreational equipment for children. Both the grade level and third floor laundry/day room facilities open directly to this central court. At the second level there is an observation garden area with a ceremonial stairs, and at the fourth level arts & crafts room. All apartments are organized with the kitchen/dining areas area facing this primary courtyard. 

Other support facilities located at grade level, such as the general lobby, elevator, general stairs, mail room, a recycling room, computer/classroom, library, case management office, community kitchen, bicycle storage, etc open to the central court as well. In addition to those areas the design incorporates a smaller “peace plaza” to interface with the adjacent seniors residential. This is part of the strategy to allow for the possibility of comfortable multi-generational exchange and connection between the two projects.

The building is designed to maximize light and ventilation for all of the units while at the same time giving protection from direct sun. The five story portions of the complex are located to the North and West to allow for morning light to penetrate the courtyard as much as possible. The apartment configuration, in general, places the smaller two and three bedroom units on the upper levels. All four bedroom units are aligned along the more residential street at grade level, this “row house” configuration allow them to be individually accessed from the street through small, private front porches as well as from the large central community courtyard. The more commercial 7th Street side houses offices, community rooms and support functions, reinforcing the pedestrian nature of the street. All of the apartments are designed with private patios, some which face the community courtyard and some face the public way. In general, bedrooms face outward towards the street in the classic “defensible space” position.
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