“The Past Retooled; The Present Rebooted,” new and old works by artist, architect, and writer Carlton Davis, AIA
April 30-June 12, 2015,
740 East Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013


“The Past Retooled; The Present Rebooted"


When:        April 30 through June 12
Where:       District Gallery, 740 East Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Contact:     Jonathan Jerald, 213 814 7164, jonathan@districtgallery.com

Website:  http://districtgallery.com/

The Art Lunch Regurgitated

The exhibit surveys 50 years of Carlton Davis’s art.  The 28 works in the show trace his interests in drawing, his experiments manipulating light and shadow through painted wire to create two-sided images, his homage to the long tradition of artists who worked in a variety of media and his use of print media and other ephemera.

In a recent interview, Davis said, “My art is the residue from the collision of concepts changed by knowledge, means, material, and action.  I love to explore visual thinking – to draw, to study the past masters, to play with ideas and different media -- and to write and see what surprising results develop.  Old work is altered by new ideas.  New work is informed by old concepts."