Ignite a Spark in a Student's Life
Deadline September 20, 2014, Various

Looking for ways to give back and share your passion of architecture? Consider mentoring with Spark, a program that connects middle school students with working professionals to create life-changing apprenticeships.

As a mentor, you'll spark a passion for architecture in our students. Many AIA members have been mentors, including our staff!

If you would like to learn more, please contact Sophia Sanchez, Program Coordinator, at ssanchez@sparkprogram.org or 213-344-4846.

Fall program begins at the end of September, so inquire today!


About Spark:

Spark is a national nonprofit that provides life-changing apprenticeships to youth from disadvantaged communities. Spark one-on-one workplace apprenticeships empower young people to succeed in their education and beyond. Visit the website for more information: www.sparkprogram.org