November 6, 2014 to November 9, 2014, varies
Los Angeles, CA

is a exploration of the work of Israeli architect Ben-Ami Shulman (1907-1986). 

Shulman was recognized posthumously as one of the significant 1930's architects of the White City of Tel Aviv, the largest collection of modernist architecture in the world, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. When artist Susan Horowitz, researching a photographic project on White City architecture, discovered that Shulman had emigrated to L.A., she embarked on a search to identify his buildings there expecting to find parallels to the acclaimed work. The surprising results add an unusual facet to the history of L.A. architecture.

Susan Horowitz is an artist whose photographic projects focus on issues in urbanism + architecture initially concentrating on L.A. but now international in scope. SOME SHULMAN ARCHITECTURE, originally conceived as a photographic exhibition + archive website, evolved to feature a video once the scope of the project was revealed. The concept of a video e-book transformation of this complicated project offered a compelling visual way to document the story. Her vision was realized + enhanced through collaboration with cinematographer/editor Heather Seybolt.

SOME SHULMAN ARCHITECTURE will be the focus of an exhibition at the A.I.A./Los Angeles (American Institute of Architects) in February/March 2015. The project website reflects the scope of the research + features an e-book about his L.A. work + video about his Tel Aviv work.