AIA|LA Spring 2014 “Breakfast with the Architect” Tour: The Sobieski House
Sunday, July 13, 2014, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
South Pasadena, CA

AIA|LA Spring 2014 Breakfast with the Architect Tour: Koning Eizenberg's "The Sobieski House"

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When: Sunday, July 13, 2014 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: South Pasadena, CA
Who: Koning Eizenberg w/Julie Eizenberg, AIA & Hank Koning, FAIA

Our second "Breakfast with the Architect" tour takes us to South Pasadena with an AIA|LA Design Award winning project, Sobieski House.

A family of four pictured a sustainable indoor/outdoor lifestyle that capitalizes on the potential of their large 25,900 sf flag lot in South Pasadena; existing features include an encircling 16' high hedge, a recently remodeled studio/garage (by other architect), mature shade trees, orchard, pool and a large house that didn't prove to be worth saving. A poolhouse was built first to accommodate the family while the new 3,700 sq ft house was built.

The compound of interconnected indoor and outdoor rooms is a study in informality, employing modest materials and anticipating changes in use and ongoing improvisation by the family over time. Low wood-clad bars (with roof gardens above) house storage, utilities and bathrooms while the high-ceilinged white boxes enclose living/sleeping spaces. All living/sleeping spaces spill to the outside relying on exterior circulation through outdoor rooms to get from one indoor space to the next. The idea was not to blur the distinction from indoor to outdoor with big walls of glass (a la mid-century modern) but to intensify the quality of each by relying on smaller framed views and daily circulation between. The constant inside to outside traffic required an alternate approach to air-conditioning to responsibly provide indoor comfort over the extended hot summer months. Cooling is achieved by a combination of passive strategies including orientation, passive shading and cross ventilation, as well as fan-assisted earth tubes.

For more information and an image gallery, please visit the Koning Eizenberg website.