Historic Opportunity to Protect LA County’s Water & Parks on November 4th Ballot
November 4, 2014, All day
Historic Opportunity to Protect LA County’s Water & Parks on November 4th Ballot

More information here: http://www.smartvoter.org/2014/11/04/ca/la/meas/P/

On November 4, LA County voters will have a unique opportunity to protect our water and our neighborhood parks. This measure simply continues critically needed funding for LA County and city parks, rivers, drinking water supplies, beaches, natural areas, and youth after-school, job training and gang prevention programs. It renews the historic 1992 measure that brought over $53 million each year to the county’s parks, recreation and open space for the past 22 years, and fills the gap left by state and federal cuts. The 1992 measure (Prop A) expires in June 2015. Without its continuation, that critical funding will not be available for neighborhood parks, recreation centers and programs. We need continued funding to protect the land around our rivers, lakes and bays from toxic pollutants, and to improve drinking water supplies during this time of drought. We need Measure P to ensure that LA County and all 88 cities have the necessary local control of funds to protect our County and neighborhood parks and waterways.

Our Strategy:
  • Polling conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) in September shows that we start at 66% support, but can increase support with messaging to 72% -- above the margin of error needed to pass this super majority measure (2/3 vote) -- among County voters who are likely to vote in this mid-term, low turnout election. The findings offer clear campaign opportunities.
  • While we know this measure matters to voters; they just don’t know it’s on their ballot, given its recent placement by the Board of Supervisors on the ballot.
So, to be successful we must:
  • Be able to communicate directly with the supportive voters who are likely to vote.
  • Inform these targeted persuadable voters on what they and their community will lose without this continued funding.
  • Be able to talk to the absentee voters early (ballots drop October 6) and to the 9% who are inclined to support, but not yet fully committed.
  • Execute our core strategy to have sufficient funding to communicate targeted messages to targeted voters.
Campaign Budget:
  • We must raise at least $1.2-2 million in the next six weeks in order to communicate with these targeted voters; our budget will determine if that medium is mail or television.
  • We seek major contributions from businesses that realize the importance of regional and neighborhood parks, waterways and cultural venues for our economic growth and for the benefit of future generations.
  • We seek major contributions from youth, cultural, conservation and civic organizations that have been engaged over the years in enhancing the public safety and quality of life in Los Angeles County.