The Neutra Furniture Collection arrives at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum>LA
Thursday, February 20, 2014, 7:00 PM
A+D Museum

A Pioneer of the International Style – the undiscovered Furniture Designer

Furniture Designs by Architect Richard Neutra to be presented by VS at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum>LA

The Neutra Furniture Collection arrives at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum>LA February 21 – March 27

VS, the manufacturer of high end furniture is producing the re-issued Neutra Furniture Collection which will be on view with a collaborative sponsorship of Louis Poulsen Lighting.

VS has more than 100 years of company history which has generated numerous pioneering product developments: Each chapter in the VS success story as a major German furniture manufacturer illustrates the company's high standards and uncompromising focus on quality. The intensive development work through the decades has led to a strong product range, focussed on school furnishings and highly diverse contract furniture for offices. In recent years this also includes major banks, automotive companies, and  public institutions, including the German Government, which source their office furniture and services from the VS product lines.

VS America, Inc. based in Charlotte, N.C. since 2003, is acknowledged as a specialist and architectural partner for ergonomic, flexible furniture solutions in the educational sector.  International design partners, german-engineered products and local dealers through the US are the foundation of superior results in interior design.

The history of VS through 1910-30 is linked to the activities of the German Werkbund and to leading modernists in architecture and design of that period. With Bruno Paul, the mentor of architect Mies van der Rohe, VS showcased a prize-winning reformed classroom at the Brussels World Exhibition in 1910  and a Montessori classroom at the 1914 Werkbund exhibition.  VS was awarded prizes for furniture design at the1958 World Exhibition and again at the 1960 XII Triennale in Milan).  The VS Company associates itself with such reknowned  designers as Verner Panton, Jürgen Greubel, architects Günter and Stefan Behnisch, Hubertus Eilers and Peter Brown.   

The company's interest in associating itself with world-class designers and architects has led to the 2012 acquisition of all exclusive rights to the Neutra Furniture Collection.  

The individual pieces in the collection have been researched by VS Germany and documented in great detail. Prototyping, testing and selection of genuine materials has followed, resulting in an exclusive collection of lounge chairs, cantilevered chairs and side tables, manufactured by VS in Germany.  The collection currently consists of 27 individual pieces and will be further expanded in the coming year.