Italian Tramer art lounge presents: LINES
Thursday, October 16, 2014, 7:00 PM
8248 Beverly Blvd. (across Sweetzer St.) Los Angeles, CA 90048
Italian Tramer art lounge presents: LINES



Thursday, October 16th at 7 pm
8248 Beverly Blvd. (across Sweetzer St.) Los Angeles, CA 90048

ALESSANDRO BARATTELLI's camera is his faithful tool and medium. His visual offshoot represents the alienated, immense shapes he is fascinated to recount. Particularly attracted to blue skies under which he walks during his travelings, Barattelli is committed to study the architectural form and, in general, all the urban landscapes (as well as electric poles, traffic signs, branches or antennas). He has a tendency to eliminate the boundary elements by getting a close up of the lines and curves of his subjects. The contrast between the skies and the architectural materials creates a sense of three-dimensionality, which gives a physical substance to his photographs. Even in his wide aperture shoots, his gaze balances the picture, as if the subject were to have a counterweight that gives a physical equilibrium to the photograph. Fascinated by the development ultra-contemporary architecture, he also reflects an anthropological aspect: How rare is the human presence through certain architectural structures, and through his futuristic fascination these are still struggling to incorporate a natural element, human vitality.

ANTONIO DI CECCO was born in L'Aquila in 1978. Graduated in Architectural Engineering in 2006 with a thesis in Architectural Design. He approaches photography as an autodidact, starting to shoot and print in the darkroom in 2003. After various experiences of working with many architects, he decided to devote himself entirely to photography. Since he started to look systematically at the world through the lens of the camera, Antonio Di Cecco has placed as a central element of his vision the interaction between architecture and landscape and the reconnaissance of the strong places of collective memory. In 2013 he published the book IN PIENO VUOTO a photographic project about earthquake of 6 April 2009 in L'Aquila.

MARCELLO POZZI is an Italian artist based in Los Angeles since 2001. He studied to become an architect at the “Politecnico di Milano” , but he was always fascinated by paintings and drawings. Pozzi loves to experiment in his studio in Los Angeles , and he is in constant search of the most direct link between the initial idea and its spontaneous expression as a response. He clashes the memories of his childhood with his ideas about culture using structure fragments , construction and urban drawings , design sketches, robots, objects and people from his life. In 2008 he starts experimenting with a new technique which he calls “STRATICOLLAGE”. In this technique he uses layers and layers of drawings on flimsy translucent paper and these are glued on canvas transforming descriptive drawings in something else and then mixed with different media.

ITALIAN TRAMER art lounge is a new project conceived by the Italian photographer Maddalena Patrese. She aims to portray and trace the artistic expression of traveling and dreaming, hence the word "Tramer". Italian Tramer will host a comprehensive array of Italian contemporary artists, who are also deeply tied to the concept of dreaming and traveling."Italian" is the key word for this project because it defines the project. We represent Italian excellence and the ability Italians have to evoke passion through the quality of their product. This new concept aims to promote and celebrate Italian Photography, Art, and Design.

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