IT Best Practices for the AEC Sector
October 21, 11:30AM
IT Best Practices for the AEC Sector

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015. 11:30AM
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IT Best Practices for the AEC Sector is a one-hour web presentation from IT experts on how AEC firms of all sizes are able to increase benefits from technology while decreasing vulnerabilities. The webinar begins with a few quick computer productivity tips from the “Top 10 Underutilized Computer Productivity Tips” list. Next is an overview discussion of technology trends in the AEC industry paired with advice on how to consider adoption of new technology (BIM vs. CAD, cloud computing vs. on premise, Mac vs. PC, software licensing, VOIP). From there, a deeper dive is taken into information security best practices, and actionable security recommendations are made for both individuals and firms. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session in which attendees are able to pick the brain of an experienced IT professional from the AEC sector.

Link for the webinar will be provided to all who register before the webinar. 

1) The attendee will discover at least one new computer productivity tip from the “Top 10 Underutilized Computer Productivity Tips” list (includes keyboard/mouse shortcuts, e-mail efficiency, etc.).
2) Participants will be given a surface level understanding of several important technology trends in the AEC sector and will be provided with resources to further explore these trends.
3) Attendees will learn a basic framework for evaluating, testing, and implementing new technology while limiting risk of system instability, poor user adoption, compromised information security, and unnecessary financial outlays.
4) Each participant will leave with a baseline understanding of items that need to be addressed to minimize risk of a cyber-attack or malware infection and will be provided with resources regarding the implementation of these items.

Randy Ervig – Randy Ervig is the Head of Technology at Z Networks and has nearly a decade of experience in the tech support and IT consulting field. With over a third of Z Networks’ clients coming from the AEC sector, Ervig works with his team members and clients on a daily basis addressing the unique technology needs of this industry. His experience ranges from frontline computer support to high-level strategy, giving Randy the ability to understand and help clients understand the full IT picture.

Sean Jones – Sean Jones is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Z Networks, and he has worked in IT and cloud technologies since 2006. With a focus on sales and new technology implementation, Sean understands the risks and rewards associated with new technology. He helps clients to see new technology adoption as an on-going process as opposed to a one-time event and always recommends starting with the question “why should we change in the first place?”

Nick Kelly – Nick Kelly is the Director of Product Marketing at WatchGuard Technologies and an eight year veteran of cloud computing and information security. WatchGuard Technologies is a leading provider of information security appliances, and a big part of Nick’s job is to understand the ever changing landscape of cyber-threats and how companies can protect themselves.

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