ARE Building Systems Prep Course - The Amber Seminar
July 18, 2014 to July 20, 2014, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
1317 Perloff Hall, Room 1209B, UCLA's Westwood Campus, Los Angeles

ARE Building Systems Prep Course - The Amber Seminar
AIA|LA is pleased to host the ARE Building Systems Prep Course - The Amber Seminar

Dates: July 18-20, 2014; Friday 8 to 5, Saturday 8 to 5, and Sunday 8 to 2
Location: 1317 Perloff Hall, Room 1209B (Use "Portola Plaza" as street address for GPS), UCLA's Westwood Campus, Los Angeles

Tuition: $675 ($625 for UCLA Alumni, AIA members, and members of groups of four or more registering together). This includes lunch all three days.

Join us for a three-day class to prepare those intending to take the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) Building Systems section. The seminar is comprehensive, and it is expected that participants will be ready to take the exam itself within one week of the course, even if you have not studied prior. The course REPLACES studying (rather than initiates it). In addition to base content, the program includes a group session dedicated to practicing the vignette, individual practice vignette grading, and the instructor's study guide, ARE Building Systems Study Guide and Practice Exam: The Amber Book. If you don't pass the exam, your tuition is refunded!

For more information, go to and click on the "Seminars" link.
For past participant reviews, go to one of the ARE forums and search for the name "Ermann" or "Amber" or visit and scroll down.

Day 1: Thermal comfort, psychrometrics, heat transfer, thermal resistance*, infiltration and ventilation, climate, solar geometry, passive heating, active heating, passive cooling, air conditioning*, air distribution*, HVAC concepts*, overall strategies for studying, practice exam. 
Day 2: plumbing*, power*, electric lighting*, air quality, daylighting, electric lighting*, practice exam.
Day 3: Vignette group practice*, LEED, room acoustics, noise control, practice exam. 

* =in-depth coverage of a topic

There is a 100% refund if you take the exam within three weeks of the seminar and don't pass.

Instructor Bio
Michael Ermann is a tenured associate professor at Virginia Tech's School of Architecture + Design, where he teaches design studio, environmental building systems, and architectural acoustics. He's taught the building systems course sequence covering energy, passive thermal, mechanical systems, lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, air quality, electricity, and plumbing for 22 of the last 25 semesters. Professor Ermann has authored or co-authored eight journal papers in the field of acoustics, and presented more than 20 papers on building systems. He currently is authoring the textbook Architectural Acoustics Illustrated, is the former Undergraduate Architecture Program Co-chairman, and has earned design, teaching, research, and outreach awards for his work.

Prior to joining the VT faculty Professor Ermann was an acoustical consultant in New York City and Florida. He received a bachelor of science in mathematics from Tulane University and a master of architecture degree from the University of Florida. He has completed the (current) 4.0 version of the Building Systems ARE and enjoys hosting ARE Building Systems prep courses for those in practice.

Website and Videos

You can learn more at the website, You can also view the videos he's posted to explain air conditioning to those studying for the exam.
They come in three parts: