AIACC: Now Next Future
Friday, October 24, 2014 to Saturday October, 24, 2014, all day
Santa Monica, CA

When: October 24th & 25th

Where: Santa Monica, CA

More information:

It’s about change. Whether it transforms the way one thinks about design or the way one designs, the matter at hand is not only how to incorporate but embrace those changes within the process. This event will inspire the shifts occurring, paradigm and otherwise.

Come learn what is happening …

It’s happening – business connections are being made through social media avenues. Friday evening’s event will give you insights on how your business can maximize exposure through social media channels NOW. Social media expert and communication strategist, Amanda Walter, will provide insights and best practices for small, medium and large firms in our evolving social media environment. The evening will wrap up with an open forum where you will hear insights from firm executives as they discuss the successes and challenges in implementing new technology in the design practice. What has worked? What hasn’t?

It’s around the corner – are you ready for it? Saturday morning will share what is NEXT – early adopters are implementing cutting edge practices that will change the industry in the next few years. From Ann Hand who will talk about how Project Frog has cracked the code on component buildings, to 3D printing, to E.B. Min and Jeff Day who will talk about parametric design, you will see how various firms are maximizing the use of technology to serve their client’s needs.

We never imagined… What else is out there that will dramatically change how we work on a day to day basis? Saturday afternoon will give you insights on FUTURE technology that is just now coming to fruition – How are robotics impacting design? What does the smart office and the smart home of the future truly look like? The event will close with powerful insights from Skylar Tibbits, a pioneer in self-assembly and programmable material technologies. Concepts like 4D printing – with the fourth dimension being time – will open your eyes and imagination to the future.