AIA|LA Iconic L.A. Tour: A. Quincy Jones, Smalley Residence
Sunday, March 15, 2015, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM & 4:30 PM
Beverly Hills, CA

AIA|LA Iconic L.A. Tour: A. Quincy Jones, Smalley Residence

Please note: Due to the L.A. Marathon on 3/15, Tour Times were pushed to the afternoon. If you are a ticket holder and have any questions, please contact Events Coordinator, Will McKenna. Tickets are still available for the last tour: 4:30 PM below.

What: Smalley Residence

When: March 15, 2015
Where: Beverly Hills, CA
Who: A. Quincy Jones, renovation by Scrafano Architects

A. Quincy Jones designed this masterpiece of mid-century modern design in 1973. The Smalley house is one of the largest single-family homes that Jones designed. With respect for the original design, the interior layout was configured to accommodate the owner’s current lifestyle. We restored many of the iconic elements of the original design including the river rock pebble flooring, douglas fir clad ceilings, brick fireplace and concrete block walls.

"In several ways it is easier to design a good small house than a good big one, to work to an average budget than to an unlimited one."
- Dan MacMasters in 1974 issue of Los Angeles Times Home Magazine

About Scrafano Architects:

Scrafano Architects is one office with two locations – in Los Angeles and Chicago – and have worked on more than 300 residential, retail and commercial projects of all sizes and scales projects in California, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Hawaii, New York, and the Virgin Islands. The strength of any firm is how its values, character, and distinctive perspective shape its design aesthetic and approach to client service. Scrafano Architects excels because of how its team came together, the breadth of influences they draw from, and their success in building long-term relationships—with their clients, contractors, designers, and suppliers. Their unique architectural style is the synthesis of modern and classic. The firm’s associates first became acquainted while at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles and maintained their connections through a shared design sensibility and approach to client service. The team has known each other for more than two decades allowing for efficiency in working together and much expertise from which to draw. As a female-owned business, Scrafano Architects brings a different sensibility to its design philosophy: they concentrate not only on the form of a structure but also its practical applications. Their experience in interiors and landscape architecture and in choosing designs and materials for the interior combine to deliver spaces that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

Principal Elissa Scrafano, AIA
Elissa Scrafano, principal and founder of Scrafano Architects, has been practicing architecture for more than 22 years and is a registered architect in California, Illinois, and Michigan. Before establishing Scrafano Architects in 1997, Elissa worked at the offices of Frank O. Gehry and Associates, Eric Owen Moss Architects, Narduli Grinstein Architects, and Landworth Debolske Architects. She has taught model and object making and architectural drawing at Southern California Institute of Architecture SCI-Arc, University of California at Irvine, and Woodbury University in Burbank. In addition, she has been a guest critic on several undergraduate and graduate student reviews. Elissa received a B.S. in architecture from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with a concentration in art history, in 1985 and a master’s in architecture with honors from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles in 1990. She was a guest student at the Architectural Association in London and the Staadelschule in Frankfurt, Germany, and also studied history of art and architecture in Italy. Elissa was recently appointed to The Cultural Heritage Commission of Los Angeles by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Other members of the firm include
  • Thomas Valle Stallman, Associate AIA
  • Beth Gibb, AIA
  • Carol Lowry Barrett
  • Camille Bivens
  • Marisa Dewa
  • Deborah Mackler Fisher
  • Chrissy Gaglione
  • Jayne Amelia Larson
  • Karin Mahle
  • Angela Ngo
  • James Pike
  • Janie Rochfort
  • Carolynn Tullis Schonsett
  • Charlotte Smith
  • Tim Sullivan
  • Marie Trabold

Photography by Tracey Landworth
Black & White Photography by Julius Shulman in 1973