October 21-25,
Korean Institute of Architects
Invitation for ‘100 ARCHITECTS OF THE YEAR 

Korean Institute of Architects(KIA) is pleased to announce the registration of the international invitational exhibition ‘100 ARCHITECTS OF THE YEAR 2015’ is opened to eminent architects around the world. 
In a stream of global architecture, to make a base of Korean architecture through a wider global interchange, KIA holds ‘100 Architects of the year 2015’ by expanding the invitational exhibition of the existing traditional Korean national architectural festival. This is a certificated international exhibition by International Union of Architects (UIA) for the first time since 2012.
It will be a place where you can see the architectural philosophy of architects around the world in the contemporary architecture trend and through this, architectural culture will be shared with the public. Furthermore, we expect it to be a cornerstone for the successful holding of the great event, UIA 2017 Seoul World Architecture Congress.

All foreign architects participating need to acquire the official recommendation from their national architect institute recognized by UIA.

Registration Fee
200 USD (Registration fee to be paid by Paypal Invoice)

This exhibition hosted by KIA, organized by KIA International Affairs Committee & SPACE magazine, sponsored by the Global leader in rolled aluminum Novelis, Hana Financial Group, Samhyun Urban & Architecture group, Group of Architecture & Urbanism, Geo Hyun Construction Co., Ltd., eFree, Dae Jeong Construction, Archipoly Corporation, Mooyoung Group, BAUM Architects.

For more information please contact:

Please refer to the official website for more information: http://kia.homesite.kr/sub/competition/competition_264.asp